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For those who prefer traditional banking networks for deposits and withdrawals, it is essential to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process. Verification requirements vary by country, so please message our support team and request verification if you plan to use banking networks. This method allows for online banking payments. Unlike cryptocurrency transactions, banking network methods require verification. If you wish to pay using SWIFT/SEPA or other methods through your mobile banking app, please request the necessary IBAN/SWIFT codes and details from our support team.

Steps to Deposit to PIDF

  1. Visit the Deposit Page
  2. Select Payment Gateway
    • On the opened page, select your payment gateway based on your preference: “Transferwise,” “Revolut Bank,” “Paypal,” or Direct Online Payment. Please note that PayPal has an extra fee, which will be indicated.
  3. Enter Deposit Amount
    • Write the amount you want to deposit in US dollars and click on “Submit.”
  4. Proceed to Payment Gateway
    • A button will appear on the next page, directing you to your chosen payment gateway. Click on it to proceed.
  5. Complete the Payment
    • Follow the instructions to complete your payment. Once the payment is completed and you are redirected back to the PIDF site, you will see the deposited amount in your account.

Steps to Withdraw from PIDF

  1. Visit the Withdraw Page
  2. Select Withdrawal Method
    • In the method input, choose your bank account where you want to receive the money and click on the “Submit” button.
  3. Receive Funds
    • Your money will be transferred to your bank account in less than a day (usually within 2-4 hours).

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, our support agents are always available to help.


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